Shopper FAQs

We strongly suggest that shoppers DO NOT bring their children to our Chatham sale, in particular. It is too crowded and busy, and the TOYS ARE NOT FOR YOUR CHILD’S ENTERTAINMENT.

Please take advantage of the advance notice we provide with our sale dates and make arrangements for child care during our public shopping hours.

Where can I get a copy of your latest sale flyer?
Click HERE for printable PDF flyers for our upcoming sales.

Do you still have “New Mom Presale Registration?”
No, we no longer offer a “new mom’s presale.” Instead, we’ve extended our public sale hours to accommodate those new moms who would like to bring a guest (or guests!) with them to shop for their own children. “New” moms with older children (expecting a new baby to the family) can also participate in extended public hours, along with the general public!

What can I use to pay for my purchases?
You may use CASH or CREDIT/DEBIT cards (Visa/Mastercard.)  We also accept DISCOVER.  Sorry, checks CANNOT be accepted.

Can I bring my baby/children with me to the sale?
Yes, however we will be offering kid-free public shopping times first thing in the morning at our Chatham sale, so it is best to make arrangements for child care. Children are not allowed during any volunteer shifts (this includes nursing infants; a recent change to our previous policy.) Whenever possible, children should be in a stroller or carrier during our open-to-the-public hours to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone. Unsupervised children and their parents will be politely asked to leave the sale, in order to maintain order and safety for everyone. We strongly recommend leaving children at home so you can better enjoy your shopping experience. Toys for sale are NOT to entertain children.

Are any personal items prohibited at your sales?
While shopping, please note that NO LARGE BAGS, BACKPACKS, etc. are permitted, and we reserve the right to search strollers upon exiting the sale.

How do I find you on my GPS?
Our fall and spring Chatham sales are at the Columbia County Fairgrounds in Chatham, NY.  Use 32 Church Street, Chatham NY to find us!  This will bring you to the Route 203 (North Entrance) of the Fairgrounds.  Route 203 is also known as “Church Street.” You can visit the individual sale pages for each sale address.

Is there a fee to enter the sale?
NO! There is never any entry fee to shop at O!baby and no charge for parking!