Pricing Tips

As a consignor, YOU control your pricing!  But where do you start?  How should you price your items?

Here’s a pricing guide, courtesy of, that we hope will get you started!


A few additional guidelines that you might find useful:

  • TIP #1: For toys or other large items, check their retail price online (ie: Toys-R-Us, Target, etc.) and price at approximately 1/3 (or in the case of NEW toys, closer to 1/2) retail value.
    You can also check eBay to see what your item is going for in the “resale” market. And if your item is NEW, in excellent condition, or is an indoor/outdoor toy (Little Tikes brand) consider pricing closer to 1/2 retail.
  • TIP #2Consider attaching a print out (or ad) from an online retail store (like Target) that shows what your item cost NEW.
    This is helpful for both the consignors and the buyers.  Often times a more detailed description of the item is included in the print out (more than what you are able to fit on the tag) and it will show buyers how much they are saving!
  • TIP #3: Sell clothing items as sets, whenever possible.
    Match a t-shirt and shorts, or a top with a skirt.  Package other similar items together as well, like a set of Thomas the Tank Engine books or sets of matching socks.   If you only have tops, consider putting two or three together.
  • TIP #4: Price items to sell that you really want to “move.”
    Consider checking the DISCOUNT option so your items will go on sale for 1/2 price at the end of the sale.  Also consider checking DONATE if you really don’t want to take your items home with you.
REMEMBER! $2.00 minimum for ALL items!