Consignor FAQs

What is Consignment?
Consignment means that we will sell your children’s items for you in exchange for a percentage of your sales. We think you’ll find our Consignment Sale a much easier place to sell your things — much less work than eBay, Craig’s List, or garage sales!

Can I only sell “baby” items?
NO!  O!baby is a CHILDREN’S consignment sale, which means anything baby or kid-related, up to and including older sizes.  Please note that we only accept up to size (16) in Boys/Girls clothing. A complete list of accepted items can be found on the Chatham sale event page.

Can I use my Mac to enter items and print tags?
Sale Manager is supported with only the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
Sale Manager is windows based software, so it requires a PC running one of the above mentioned operating systems to run. Sale Manager is not supported on Windows RT or Windows CE. Sale Manager is NOT supported on Mac computers, iOS, or android.

Can you explain what is meant by “one item” in the clothing limits?
Yes, one hanger = one clothing item. So if you have a 3-piece outfit, for example, hang and pin everything to the hanger and that is considered “one” item. Please review the “New For Consignors” page for the latest information on clothing limits this sale.

How much will I make?
Consignors will earn 70% of their sales, less a consignor fee for participating in the sale. (This fee varies by sale location but is generally $8-$12.)  Sellers who sign up for Volunteer Shifts and work at the sale can make a higher percentage of their sales.  Please review our “How To Volunteer” page for more information.

What types of items can I sell?
Anything and everything kid related!  The most popular items are clothes, but you can sell children’s furniture, shoes, books, CD’s, DVDs, puzzles, games, maternity gear/accessories, baby items, strollers, bouncy seats…you name it!  There are only a few exceptions to what you can bring (no toy weapons, no car seats, no crib mattresses or used feeding supplies or sippy cups, for example.)  All items MUST meet the CPSC guidelines outlined on our website (no recalled or dangerous items.) Outdoor toys and bikes are appropriate for either sale. Please be sure to visit our Accepted Items page for information on what you may and may not bring to consign.

Can I bring play clothes to sell?
All children’s clothing must be in good to EXCELLENT used (or new) condition.  No stains, rips, holes, missing buttons, etc.  Items will be checked at drop off, and any item not meeting the quality standards for the sale will be rejected. No “designated” play clothing (with obvious holes, rips, etc.) will be accepted, however gently used clothing in excellent condition (which may be considered “play quality”) is fine to sell.

How many items can I sell?
Each consignor must bring a MINIMUM of thirty (30) quality items to sell, but overall there is no limit on the number of items you may consign.  The only exceptions are infant clothing and shoes.  Please only bring your “best” 25 items in sizes 12 months and younger.  (This is a total limit of 25 infant items, not 25 items in each various size of 3-6, 6-9, etc.) You may, however, bring 25 items in 12 months and younger for each gender (boy and girl) – 50 total. Shoes are limited to 10 pairs in each gender per consignor (20 pairs total.)

How will I know if my items have been sold?
Easy!  The My Sale Manager system will allow you to track your sales each day.  Just log in every evening (allow a few hours to pass after the sale closes) and check how you are doing!  We will be uploading inventory reports each night for our consignors.

Do I need to be present for the entire sale?
No!  That’s why consigning is so much easier than say, a garage sale.  All you have to do is prepare/tag your items and drop them off.  We’ll do the rest!  If you elect to donate your items you don’t need to return for them at the end of the sale.  If you check “no donate”, however, you will be expected to pick up your items.  Please visit our Drop Off/Pick Up page for more information.

Where can I get wire hangers? And will I get my hangers back?
Wire hangers can be hard to find. Try Walmart, or sometimes you can get (or purchase) them from your local dry cleaner.  If you are consigning with us and need wire hangers, CONTACT US. O!Baby sells wire hangers TO OUR CONSIGNORS ONLY, not to the general public: 10 for $1. And unlike a retail store which will often remove the hangers from purchased clothing, we leave the clothing ON the hanger.  Much of it is pinned, and it would take too long to remove pins, tags, etc. in order to collect hangers. You won’t receive your hangers back.

Where do my donated items go?
At the close of the sale, items marked “donate” are sold for $1 during “Dollar Dash” (open to consignors only; all proceeds benefit our non-profit charities). The remaining items are given to Alpha Pregnancy Center, Catholic Charities, Peace Corps, and/or Family Resource Centers of Columbia County (among others; donation recipients change sale to sale, depending on who is available to pick up).