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Chatham O!baby Sale



Registration for this sale will open approximately 2 months prior to the event. More complete information about consigning for this sale will be available at that time.


Thank you for your interest! All information about this sale will be available two months prior to our sale. Please check back at that time, or review our
Shopper FAQs for general information about our sales. If you would like to receive information about our sales directly to your inbox, please use the button below to sign up for our mailing list.


Chatham Sale Location

Columbia County Fairgrounds
32 Church Street
Chatham, NY 12037

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If you are interested in consigning for this sale, please CHECK THIS PAGE OFTEN. Information on future sale dates will be posted, when available. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to having you consign with us!

Chatham O!Baby Sale

Thurs. - Sat., July 2-3-4, 2020

Please review all details for consignors in the tabs below before registering for this sale. Registration is now open for all RETURNING and NEW consignors. (*There will be NO restock consignors this sale! Once all consignor spots are full for the current sale, we will start a waiting list.)


All information about this sale can be found below.



  • Consignor/Volunteer Early Entry Presale: Wednesday, July 1, 2020  (volunteers shop first on a staggered schedule, consignors shop at 1:00 pm.
  • Consignor/Volunteer Early Entry Half Price: (schedule TBD.)
“Infants to teens … and everything in between!”

Each consignor must bring a minimum of thirty (30) quality children’s items, whether clothing, toys, furniture or accessories.  There is a maximum of 1200 items per consignor, overall. We will only sell clothing that is “in-style” (purchased new within the last 5 years) and “in-season.” 

Please remember, we will inspect all items at drop off. It is your responsibility to do a PRODUCT RECALL SEARCH for any possibly recalled items; however, any items found to not meet high quality standards for safety and quality will be returned to you. We will also inspect items during the sale, and reserve the right to “pull” items, if necessary.

Acceptable Items

  • Clothing (seasonally appropriate) infants through size 16 (for boys). For girls we accept infants through Junior sizes. FALL/WINTER clothing includes fleece, heavy jackets, sweatshirts, etc. SPRING clothing includes shorts, capris, tops, bathing suits, etc. Please pay attention and be sure all clothing is SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE for this sale.
  • Clothing size 14-16 or 16 must have that size on the tag OR be from a children’s store (ie: GAP, OLD NAVY). Junior clothing MUST be from a store that sells juniors — please do not enter Women’s sizes under juniors.
  • Besides clothing, anything that is “baby” or “kid” related, purchased new within the last 5 years, will be accepted.
  • After reviewing all of the information below, please contact us if you are still uncertain about the acceptability of a particular item.

Sale Item Ideas

  • Furniture, including dressers, bookshelves, tables and chairs, etc. NO DROP SIDE CRIBS. FURNITURE MAY NOT BE MARKED DONATE THIS SALE.
  • Nursery decor, such as lamps, nursery decorations, baby books, crib sheets, breathable crib bumpers (not quilted) diaper bags, diaper genies, bath seats. DIAPER GENIES MAY NOT BE MARKED “DONATE.”
  • Shoes/boots (new or almost-new condition.) All shoes, except sandals, are appropriate for this sale. There is a limit in this category (see below, 10 pairs per gender, per consignor.) Everything must be in EXCELLENT condition. Please, no scuffed or worn out looking shoes or boots!
  • Software, videos and music, DVD’s  and CDs.
  • Toys, games, puzzles. Please check that ALL pieces are included and insert working batteries.


Summary of Clothing Limits

  • STRICT LIMIT OF 25 ITEMS IN EACH GENDER 0-12 MONTHS. (No limits on 12 months & up. Onesies do not count toward item limit; however, bag them, don’t hang them!)
  • LIMIT OF 10 PAIRS OF CHILDREN’S SHOES PER CONSIGNOR, PER GENDER. (Meaning you can have a total of 20 pairs: 10 boys and 10 girls. No limit on good condition boots.)
  • SEASONAL ITEMS. For the fall sale: Halloween costumes or anything child-related item for Christmas/holiday, as well as fleece, flannel and heavy clothing. For the spring sale: Shorts, capris, tops, bathing suits, etc. Jeans are appropriate for either sale.

Also accepted (fall sale only) Holiday housewares/decor:

This includes a wide-range of indoor and outdoor decorations! Think ornaments, gift wrap, holiday crafts, cards & accessories,

**Please save holiday dish sets & entertaining pieces, keepsakes & collectibles (in other words, anything breakable or fragile) for the Women’s Sale. Artificial Christmas trees will be accepted but must be assembled at drop off. Fragile items will not be accepted at the children’s sale.  Additional items in this category from holidays throughout the year (Easter, Halloween, etc.) may also be accepted; please email us with specific questions.

**Only items in EXCELLENT condition in this category, please!

Condition of Sale Items

  • Onesies should be CLEAN and BAGGED with like sizes, and do not count toward the infant clothing limit.
  • Everything you bring to the sale must be CLEAN (odor and stain free).
  • All puzzles and games MUST HAVE ALL THE PIECES.
  • All books MUST BE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION (no writing on or ripped pages.)
  • Any feeding supplies or accessories that have been in a baby’s mouth (sippy cups, spoons, teethers, pacificers, etc.) MUST BE NEW. Any used feeding items will be returned.
  • Equipment, such as bikes, sports equipment, etc., must be in EXCELLENT condition. Outdoor toys/equipment are appropriate for this sale. A PRODUCT RECALL SEARCH must be completed on ALL equipment, as per NYS Law – it is illegal to sell any items that are recalled.

Unacceptable Sale Items (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Breast pump accessories or parts
  • Car Seats, Booster Seats or Car Seat “bases”
  • Crib Bumpers (no quilted crib bumpers unless included with a bedding set. Breathable bumpers are acceptable)
  • Drop side cribs
  • Equipment over 5 years old
  • Jewelry (no children’s jewelry whatsoever, please!)
  • Maternity clothing (Maternity clothing is NOT accepted. We accept maternity ACCESSORIES only.)
  • Mattresses (can only be sold if they are included with the crib/toddler bed)
  • McDonald’s or Burger King toys
  • R-rated movies, X-rated movies, unrated movies, or mature-rated video games
  • VHS tapes
  • Stuffed animals (unless they move or talk)
  • Toy weapons (NERF guns and accessories are accepted)
  • Used feeding supplies (no used bottle nipples, pacifiers, etc.) Used bottles are OK to sell; please be sure they are clean! Sippy cups must be NEW!
  • Used underwear or undergarments (only new with  tags or new without tags)

Item entry deadline this sale is Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 11:00 pm

Drop off will be over several days, starting Monday June 29th. Please check the website for dates/times.

(*If you plan to drop off any large furniture items, please email us about scheduling a separate time to do so.)

Pickup will be Sunday, July 5, 2020. Please review pickup procedures under the Drop Off/Pick Up tab.

Item entry deadline this sale: Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 11:00 pm

Drop Off Procedure

  • After you register to consign, please log in and pick a drop off date and time. Please check the website for available dates/times.
  • Please bring your CONSIGNOR INVENTORY SHEET with you at your assigned drop off time. A $3 fee will apply if we have to print your inventory sheet at drop off.
  • After you sign up for a drop off date, please review our page on Tagging and Preparation of your items.  This will help ensure that drop off is quick and easy. Please remember to allow yourself at least an hour to complete the drop off process, depending on how many items you have. Each consignor is responsible for placing and arranging their own items out on the sales floor at drop off.
  • Schedule a drop off appointment for this sale here:



Pick up date this sale: Sunday, July 5, 2020 from 10am – 4pm

Pickup Procedure

  • Come to the sale location with your UNSOLD ITEMS REPORT (available from your consignor homepage.)
  • Find your clothing (on the racks) as well your books, toys, etc. (they will be with like items). Volunteers will be on hand to assist you.
  • Proceed to a checkout table where a volunteer will then double-check the consignor number on your items before you leave.
  • Items that are marked “no donate” and have not sold by the last day of the sale MUST BE PICKED UP by 4:00PM. Consignors who fail to come for their items will be charged a $25 fee. All items marked “donate,” or any items that have not been picked up by Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm, will be donated immediately to charity.
  • Item Limits, updated January 18, 2018 - In addition to the per item CATEGORY limits already in place (shoes, infant clothing, etc.) starting in the SPRING 2018 there will be an overall limit of 600 items per consignor. Consignors will be able to bring up to 1,200 items for an additional consignor fee and drop off on Thursday afternoon.  -- Read more...
  • Clothing Guidelines: One Hanger = One Item or One Outfit July 14, 2017 - As a reminder: only one item or one outfit per hanger! If you have two pieces, (ie: two t-shirts, or two pairs of pants) that is acceptable, as long as both items can fit on one hanger. Turn the hanger over and pin the second piece to the back of the hanger, facing out. This… -- Read more...
  • New Policy On Shoes Accepted for Consignment June 8, 2016 - Effective June 1, 2016: All shoes/boots will be inspected separately at drop off, prior to being accepted for consignment. Please note revised "preparation" guidelines for shoes: Wherever possible, please ZIP TIE shoes together (do not bag them). If shoes must be bagged, ie: very small sizes, etc. DO NOT TAPE BAGS SHUT prior to drop… -- Read more...

View all Chatham Sale News & Updates…

Please remember, we will inspect all items at drop off.

You are required to use our PRODUCT RECALL SEARCH TOOL for any possibly recalled items; however, any items found to not meet high quality standards for safety and quality will not be put out for sale and will be returned to you.

We will also inspect items during the sale, and reserve the right to “pull” items, if necessary.

Minimum Items
Consignors must bring a minimum of 30 items. There is also a maximum of 1200 items per consignor, so please bring ONLY your very best!

Consignor Fee
Fee for this sale is $12.00, payable in advance via PayPal and NON-REFUNDABLE.

All items must have a minimum price of $2.00.

IMPORTANT! Please review the deadline dates under the Deadlines tab. If you are unable to meet the item entry deadline of or if you are unable to drop off your consignment items on the drop off date, please do not register. Due to scheduling limitations with the venue, no other drop off times are available this sale.

It is very important to review & follow the guidelines on our page outlining Tagging and Preparation of your sale items.

If you have any questions about getting your items ready for sale that are not covered on that page, please contact us.


We need volunteers to help set up clothing racks and tables, check-in items, work on the floor during the sale, help customers, and ensure that the sale runs smoothly!  (Please, no children allowed during volunteer shifts!)

If you are a consignor, you will earn 70% of your sales without volunteering

If you are able to volunteer, you can receive:

  • 70% of your sales for working one shift and presale shopping at 11:30 AM, an hour an a half BEFORE consignors!
  • Your consignor fee ($12) WAIVED at the beginning of the sale if you are able to volunteer TWO OR MORE shifts
  • EARLY Presale shopping* with a friend for all volunteers (entry times staggered depending on number of shifts volunteered)
  • Volunteer raffles and early pickup privileges on Saturday at the close of the sale. Please contact us for more info.!

*All our volunteers get to SHOP EARLY!  Our presale times for this sale are as follows:

  • Consignor/Volunteer Early Entry Presale: Wednesday, July 1st (volunteers shop first on a staggered schedule, consignors shop at 1:00 pm.) 
  • Consignor/Volunteer Early Entry Half Price: (schedule TBD.)

Please contact us with questions! Otherwise, use the Worker Registration button below (valid for Registered Consignors only) to reserve your shifts.



THURSDAY APRIL 16, 2020: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

FRIDAY APRIL 17, 2020: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

SATURDAY APRIL 18, 2020: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm


We look forward to seeing you at our sale on Thursday – Saturday, April 16-18, 2020, at the Columbia County Fairgrounds in Chatham! Here is what you need to know:

  • Sale Dates/Times: STARTING at 9:00 am all days, but welcoming shoppers WITHOUT children 8:00am – 9:00 am for a special, kid-free shopping presale at 8:00 a.m. every day we are open!
  • 1/2 Price Sale Day: Saturday is 1/2 Price Sale Day! Items with “DISCOUNT” on the tag are 50% OFF!
  • Directions: Need directions to the sale? Click this link to map your trip.
  • Admission: There is never an entry fee to shop at O!baby, and absolutely no charge for parking!
  • Forms of Payment: We accept cash or credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover). Sorry, we do NOT accept checks of any kind.
  • Children: You can bring your child(ren)/baby with you to the sale after 9:00 a.m. Strollers are required for children 3-4 years old and younger to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone. Unsupervised children and their parents will be politely asked to leave the sale in order to maintain order and safety for everyone. Carriers or harnesses are also acceptable for those families that prefer them to strollers. However, we strongly recommend leaving children at home so you can better enjoy your shopping experience. Special shopping time/s for shoppers WITHOUT children, starting at 8:00 a.m. (Please note: toys for sale are NOT available to entertain children while shopping. If you give a toy to your child to play with, you WILL be asked to purchase it.)
  • Sale Day Policies: Please note that you WILL NEED TO BRING REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS for your purchases. We reserve the right to search strollers upon exiting the sale. No oversized backpacks permitted.
  • Mailing List: Want all of the latest details about this sale and other upcoming O!baby Sales? Sign up for our mailing list here…
  • Volunteer to Work & Get Early Sale Access:  Interested in an advance sale opportunity to shop the best items before the public sale? CONTACT US for details!
The Chatham O!baby Sale is not yet available for consignor registration. Please check back approximately two months prior to the event for details about this year’s sale.

If you would like to be notified about this sale and other O!baby sale information, please use the button below to join our mailing list. Questions? Please contact us.


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This page is currently undergoing maintenance.  Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to having you consign with us!