Effective June 1, 2016: All shoes/boots will be inspected separately at drop off, prior to being accepted for consignment. Please note revised “preparation” guidelines for shoes:

  • Wherever possible, please ZIP TIE shoes together (do not bag them).
  • If shoes must be bagged, ie: very small sizes, etc. DO NOT TAPE BAGS SHUT prior to drop off.
  • Please place masking tape with Item Number, Consignor Number, Price and DISCOUNT/DONATE on the bottom of BOTH shoes (whether zip tied or bagged). If this is not done prior to drop off, please bring masking tape and plan to label your shoes at drop off.
  • Limit of 10 pairs of shoes per gender, per consignor.


  • Please do not place wet shoes in bags.
  • Please double check sizing! Does the correct size appear on the tag? Are each of the shoes the same size?