encore-kids-logoA message from Helen Kaczor, owner of Encore Kids:

After 10 years of running Encore Kids, I have decided to sell Encore Kids to O!baby Children’s Consignment Sale. O!baby and Encore Kids have worked together over the years and they have grown into a great sale. I know we all will be in good hands with Lorraine and Laurie.

I’ve loved running this sale and getting to know so many great moms and grand-moms. I feel like it is time for a new adventure for me. I returned to full time employment two years ago, and have earned my CPA license. I just started working in a new field, as a forensic auditor. I am looking to expand my skills in this area and eventually run a business based on all my auditing skills.

Encore Kids sale with O!baby Children’s Consignment Sale in Chatham will be effective in February 2016. All Encore Kids volunteer gift certificates (valid for Spring 2016 sale) will be honored at any upcoming O!baby children’s consignment sale (Chatham or Saratoga) whether or not you will be consigning or volunteering.

More information will be coming soon, but in the meantime I do encourage you to join the O!baby mailing list and to follow them on Facebook, or email me with any questions as well!

Thanks again to everyone that has consigned and volunteered. I always tried to make Encore Kids a sale that shoppers and consignors and volunteers would want to come back to. Lorraine and Laurie have been running their sale for years now and are doing a great job. 

I’ll see you soon at O!baby!